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12-year-old comic book creator gives hope to kids being bullied
...You can do great things...
     “Even though they’re bad guys, she wants to help them anyway. She doesn’t want to fight them, though sometimes she has to. She doesn’t want to put them in jail or lock them up or hurt them in any way. She takes them to therapists to help them, which is a way to say therapists aren’t a bad thing.”
Imagine… the bullies getting help.
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Hidden Treasure
Within these pages of action and adventure is a deeper story with challenges our teens face becoming a physical version of those trials.
Build a Platform
The comic book gives parents, grandparents, counselors, church leaders and other trusted adults with a platform to talk to their challenged youth.
Stop the Hurt
Through Sugar Glider we can help youth, teens and anyone struggling with these challenges to ease the pain.
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